Purpose • Equity • Impact

Purpose • Equity • Impact

Evergreen Goodwill’s mission is to provide quality, effective employment training and basic education to low-income individuals experiencing significant barriers to economic opportunity.

Because jobs change lives.

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Dear Goodwill Community,

As we approach 100 years as a force for good in this community, we know our work must continually adapt to the changing needs of the community. However our purpose remains the same: to help the people we serve build better lives through the power of jobs.

Since our first location opened in Seattle, in 1923, Evergreen Goodwill has grown to 24 stores, 5 Job Training and Education Centers, and more than 30 donation sites. In the past year, we served 4,012 students through newly developed online, in-person, and hybrid programming at our regional Job Training and Education Centers, and we placed 488 people in jobs.

Today our most significant work involves making bold investments in how we interact with and reach our students, as well as how we approach the well-being and career paths of our employees. We know that, to be successful, job seekers need certain skills and resources. As an organization devoted to helping people succeed, we are constantly assessing and evaluating whether the people we serve—including our own employees—have access to what they need to build those skills. As those needs change over time, Evergreen Goodwill changes, too.

In the past year we’ve realigned the organization to expand our ability to reach more people where those needs exist. The new “Digital Equity Bus” (DEB), a high-tech mobile classroom, has proven to be the most effective way we’ve seen yet to bring Evergreen Goodwill’s training and services into more diverse, under-resourced communities throughout Northwest Washington.

In an unprecedented collaboration with the four other Goodwill organizations that serve Washington state, we embarked on Goodwill Connect, a partnership initiative to provide services, equipment, technology and outreach, in an effort to help bridge the digital divide. Goodwill Connect is a powerful testament to the ability of our organization to create even greater impacts in our communities and to influence thought leaders on issues of critical importance throughout the Pacific Northwest.

In this year’s Annual Report, you’ll read about how our youth programs are shaping the future of our workforce, about our digital equity efforts, and about our enhanced programs, which are designed to help our employees fulfill their professional and personal potential.

Over its long history of service to this community, Evergreen Goodwill has been a lifeline for people who need support to succeed in the work world. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our Board of Directors, staff and leadership, and with your incredible support, we will continue to meet the needs of our community by assisting people in overcoming barriers, gaining stability, and reaching their educational and career goals.

Thank you for being our partner in this critical work. We’re just getting started.


All we see is potential and opportunities. Once we start to open doors, our students start to see it, too.

Eileen Aparis,
Sr. Vice President of Mission

Reach & Impact  2021-2022

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Rooted in Community, for the Community

At Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington, we believe that individuals, families, and communities thrive when people have the support they need to find and succeed in a job.

As a mission-integrated nonprofit, our unique model allows us to provide free and effective employment training, education, and support to our students. These resources are funded through financial donations, grants, and the sale of donated items at Evergreen Goodwill thrift stores across the region.

Programs & Services


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Shaping the Future of Our Workforce

Evergreen Goodwill’s youth programs provide people ages 16-24 with the skills and training they need to transition smoothly to higher education, adulthood, and careers. If our young students are any indication, the future of our workforce is diverse, driven, and hungry for change.


Abdullahi was 4 years old when he saw his first airplane flying over the refugee camp in Kenya, where he was living at the time. Years later, having moved with his family to Washington state, he learned of Evergreen Goodwill’s Youth Aerospace Program and was intrigued—he’d never seen a pilot who looked like him. Our two year program helped Abdullahi develop his soft skills, prepare for college programs in aerospace pathways, and connect with future career opportunities in the industry. Today he is pursuing a degree in aviation and business management at Central Washington University.

In partnership with various community colleges, post-secondary institutions and local businesses, Evergreen Goodwill’s youth programs ensure students like Abdullahi are on track for high school graduation, for college and to receive support for career exploration in fields such as aerospace, maritime, IT, manufacturing, and other careers in STEM.


I can say, I was in a refugee camp, and now I’m flying airplanes. You can also do that.

Evergreen Goodwill Youth
Aerospace Program participant


I can say, I was in a refugee camp, and now I’m flying airplanes. You can also do that.

Evergreen Goodwill Youth
Aerospace Program participant

Overcoming Barriers to Economic Opportunity


When it comes to economic opportunity in this country, we know the playing field is far from level; the challenges our students face are real and can often feel insurmountable. Whether those challenges are barriers resulting from systemic racism, a disability, limited access to transportation, a language improficiency, housing and food insecurity or justice involvement, we’re committed to eliminating anything standing between our students and their dreams of education, job advancement and financial freedom.


With instructors, case managers and employment specialists working in tandem, we ensure students have the support they need to succeed. As a result, our students who receive support from an employment specialist see a 38% employment placement rate, more than triple that of students who don’t work with an employment specialist.


0 %
are people
of color
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are experiencing
0 %
have been impacted by the justice system
0 %
fall below the Federal Poverty Line


If you are an employer that is interested in hiring Evergreen Goodwill students, please reach out to Scott Rice, Community Partnerships Manager

Expanding Digital Equity

Many of our students come to Evergreen Goodwill lacking reliable internet access, basic digital skills, and access to a computer. Without hardware and connectivity (and the confidence to navigate both), they can’t utilize resources for basic needs and education, search and apply for jobs, or secure employment. For the last four decades we’ve been working to change this.


To meet the growing demand for digital devices and internet access, we more than doubled our inventory by adding 350 laptops and 150 internet-ready hot spots to the Technology Lending Library. After a successful pilot program, we saw a 48% increase in participation this year after implementing hybrid enrollment at all five of our job training centers.


A grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce Broadband Office has allowed us to gift 590 laptops and hot spots, and to hire Digital Navigators to provide on-demand technology support to Washington residents at the highest risk of digital exclusion. All of this was made possible through the Goodwill Connect program, a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the four other Goodwill locations that serve Washington state.


Our new state-of-the-art “Digital Equity Bus” (DEB) is a mobile technology classroom that allows us to reach rural communities and sovereign nations through a mobile, regional approach. We now offer job training, ESOL (English for speakers of other languages), and basic computer classes to students who may not otherwise have access to Goodwill’s Job Training Centers.


Now, in addition to our Job Training and Education Centers, we have an incredible opportunity to go into the heart of the communities we serve and reach more people right where they are.

Daryl Campbell,
  President & CEO

2021 - 2022 Finances

Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization invested in serving our community in ways that go beyond dollars and cents. Our charitable model is unique, with much of our revenue for job training and education generated through our retail stores.


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Supporting Retail & Mission Programs & Services

Supporting Management & Fundraising

We strive to make efficient use of the resources our community entrusts to us. If you have any questions regarding this financial report or the impact of our free Job Training and Education programs in our region, you may visit evergreengoodwill.org and review our 990.


Total Revenue:

Total Expenses:

Net Income:*

* Evergreen Goodwill’s net income reflects the impact of a $10M Paycheck Protection Program loan that was forgiven in FY 22. We are grateful to have been able to use these funds to continue to support our employees and our students during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Supporting People and the Planet

Evergreen Goodwill takes pride in being a good steward of the donations we receive, using them to create better futures for our students, communities, and the environment. Shopping at and donating to Goodwill are the easiest and most impactful choices you can make to lower your carbon footprint.

50 M
pounds of donations were received at Evergreen Goodwill’s donation centers
50 M
pounds of materials was kept out of landfills through Evergreen Goodwill’s responsible recycling practices
0 %
of all electronics waste in the state of Washington was collected and recycled by Evergreen Goodwill

Goodwill CARES


We know when people are struggling to meet their basic needs or are facing an unexpected crisis, it is difficult to focus on work, let alone advancing their careers. This is true for our employees just as much as our students. The Goodwill CARES (Creating Access to Resources for Employee Support) program allows us to invest in our employees in a new and meaningful way. With help from our Employee Resource Navigators, employees can secure financial support for rent, food, utilities, and other bills that may prevent them from getting back on their feet. CARES is about seeing the potential in our employees, investing in their well-being, and giving them the support to succeed in their personal lives and at work.

Over the past year, we provided job training and $261,314 in emergency support services to 642 of our employees.


After Tamera listened to me and helped with rent I broke down crying, it was such a relief – I was able to keep a home for me and my son. She saved my life!

Evergreen Goodwill Employee



Tim Myers
Boeing Capital Corporation

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Community Advocate

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Daryl J. Campbell
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City of Seattle


Daryl Campbell
President & CEO


Mai Nguyen
Chief Operating Officer


Chesca Ward
Chief People Officer


Eileen Aparis
Sr. Vice President, Mission


Derieontay Sparks
Sr. Vice President, Retail Operations,
Marketing and Communication

Thank You for Investing in Our Future


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Yellow River Foundation
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City of Marysville
City of Seattle Human Services Department
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Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation
Columbia Bank
Comcast NBCUniversal
Community Foundation of Snohomish County
Complete Office
Copacino + Fujikado
Department of Social & Health Services - Regions 2 & 3
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Employees Community Fund of Boeing Puget Sound
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
The Foster Foundation
Goodwill Industries International
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Hanson Consulting Group
Harvest Foundation
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Horizon House
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Judson Baptist Church
Kaiser Permanente
King County Combined Federal Campaign
King County Department of Community and Human Services
King County Employee Giving Program
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Pioneer Human Services
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Seattle Colleges
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Snohomish County Human Services
Snohomish County Public Works
Southern Oregon Goodwill
Stanley Black & Decker
Starbucks Coffee Company
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T-Mobile USA
Toyota Lift
Trutina Financial
United Way of Whatcom County
Washington Maritime Blue
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WCP Solutions
Whatcom Community Foundation
The Windermere Foundation
Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County
YWCA Seattle King Snohomish Empowering Women

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